We clean our hands, work area and meticulously clean make-up brushes, but we never clean the very products we put directly onto our clients faces, lips and eyes!

We all need assurance that the products in our kit are hygienic and safe, so why on earth don’t we clean the make-up in our kit? Because preventing contaminated cosmetic products isn’t an area that has traditionally been catered for in our industry – that’s why! Alcohol can be drying, and isn’t recommended for use directly onto cosmetic compacts or lipsticks (the scent isn’t too appealing either!) and decanting isn’t always an option.


Step forward BeautySoClean. Created by International Make-up Artist Nancy Crossley, out of a worry about cross-contamination from the make-up products she was using at work, the BeautySoClean professional sanitising collection is a must-have for make-up artists.


Not convinced? Try these facts out for size;


  • Cross-contamination from rancid oils, bacteria and germs from the make-up can be transferred to our face, lips and eyes, even when we use disposable applicators.


  • Harmful bacteria can build up on dirty make-up and can contribute infections, allergic reactions and even acne. Clinical tests show that make-up can harbour common bacteria such as Staphylococcus Aureus, Pseudomonas Aeruginosa or E.coli.


BeautySoClean has been clinically proven to remove all such bacteria.


The BeautySoClean collection has actually been used for some time by make-up artists in North America, from Hollywood to New York. It can be found on the sets of Jimmy Kimmel Live, Good Morning America, X-Factor, Hunger Games and How I Met Your Mother.

Today, it’s available in 25 countries internationally, and now, its hit Australian shores for good.


So, what products are included in the BeautySoClean range?


          For use on compacts, powders, blush and eyeshadow.



          For lipsticks, lip gloss, cosmetic pencils and mascara wands.



          For the gentle, rapid removal of residue and bacteria from make-up brushes – natural and synthetic.



Each one is cruelty free, dermatologist tested and is 100% effective in just 10 seconds. Furthermore, BeautySoClean products don’t dry out, crack or alter the colour of the make-up you apply it to (as 100% alcohol does).

You can say goodbye to that eye-watering smell too – always a plus! – BeautySoClean’s limited edition collection smells amazing (try the latest Wipeout Brush Cleaner and you’ll see what we mean).


Want to know more or see how it works for yourself? Pop into one of our stores in Fitzroy or Broadway, or give us a call to say hello (you know we love hearing from you!).


Keeping your kit clean just got heaps easier.


Image: BeautySoClean, Pinterest.