The next big Halloween make-up look and how to create it for your clients

Fellow Make-up Artists, Halloween is upon us! Everyone's got a party to go to and wants an SFX make-up masterpiece reminiscent of their favourite sci-fi TV show or horror film to work with their costume! We predict that Sewn Lips will be trending this Halloween - a gory, stitched up mouth. Here are the products we recommend stocking up on to create the look:

3rd Degree two-part moulding compound- $45.00, 2oz

Ben Nye Master Bruise Wheel - $28.00, 6 colour wheel

Endura FX Palette from European Body Art - $120.00, 10pc palette

Ben Nye Thick Blood - $11.00, 1oz

ColourVue Contact Lenses in Colourvue Viper - $48.00, 1 pair

Thread from Spotlight - prices vary


While we’re on the topic of products, here’s a list of new launches from the world SFX, all available right here at Scotty’s Make-up & Beauty:


Moonstruck FX ProFX Teeth, top and bottom dentures – COMING SOON

Foothills Custom Werewolf Fangs - $45.00, available in medium & large

Endura Deathly Palette from European Body Art - $120.00

Global Standard Colours face paint - $8.00


We’ve still got all of the classic SFX products, tools and accessories you’ll need for Halloween too. From Liquid Latex to Phyllis Cohen Face Lace, Pros-Aide to Gammut Studios Got Flesh!?! Prosthetic Transfers, and creepy Contact Lenses galore.


Happy Halloween!


Images: Pinterest