How to keep your most valuable asset as Make-up Artist in-check

Back neck and shoulder pain


As Make-up Artists, we spend hours standing and bending, which can really take its toll on our bodies. So it’s imperative that we look after ourselves, to ensure both a long and healthy career.


Georgia Lockhart-Adams is one such example, currently enjoying a career as a make-up artist in our wonderfully creative industry, she is no stranger to the perils that us artists face when we’re at work, including neck, back and shoulder pain from long periods of standing and carrying kits triple our body weight (always be prepared!). It’s the nature of our work, but that doesn’t mean we have to put up with it.


We spoke to Georgia about her experience of the industry, and how she turned her back pain into a business that could benefit us all.



‘I have been working as a makeup artist and hairdresser in the film industry for 16 years. It all began on Lord of the Rings when I was 18 years old. Such an amazing opportunity and was something I loved so much I knew it was for me…I was in it for the long haul!

Over the years I have been fortunate enough to work with incredibly talented makeup designers and artists. This has taken me on some magnificent journeys to different spots around the world. Having worked on films such as Avatar, Superman Returns, The Lovely Bones, The Hobbit, San Andreas and most recently The Pirates of the Caribbean, I have spent many hours on my feet!’

‘After years of a sore back, neck and shoulders and being fed up with rummaging around in a very large, overfilled bag, we (Georgia and fellow artist and friend, Catherine Maguire) felt there was a hole in the market for a customisable tool belt for make-up artists and hair stylists.’



Georgia set about creating Linear Standby Belts shortly after, with Catherine. After a few years of fine-tuning the product, packaging and brand, Linear Standby Belts launched with success in 2012.


Georgia on-location for 'Backtrack', working on Adrien Brody.


‘The idea behind the pouches was to be able to walk onto a set and do your final checks or last looks with ease, both hands free, almost like having two large pockets to work from where you can clearly see your equipment, brushes etc, that are protected from the elements with a zip up lid.

You can produce a tissue in no time with no fuss and hide away personal items or adhesives that tend to get a bit mucky.’



Nowadays, numerous artists’ can be seen wearing Linear Standby Belt’s handy Tissue Totes and see-through pouches of all sizes, all tied together with a simple black belt that sits on the waist (Scotty’s Make-up & Beauty Make-up Artists included! Pop into store to see so for yourself).

Naturally, Georgia is pleased with the successes to date and shows no sign of stopping.


‘It is so wonderful to see so many professional artists wearing their LSB Belts!!’


 Makeup Artists on set using their Linear Standby Belts

@floramoody Instagram 


Simple, yet incredibly needed, Linear Standby Belts are paving the way for practical, comfortable on-set bags that will ensure you can keep working in this fantastic industry for a long time to come, without unnecessary back, shoulder or neck pain.


 Linear Standby Belts

Model wears LSB Belt and Prima Pouch 


Other ways to keep your most valuable tool healthy is to address technique and posture, wear supportive footwear, undertake low intensity exercise regularly and rest in-between work hours. For targeted pain (such as neck, back and shoulders), booking yourself in for a relaxing massage can also help. 


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