Beauty So Clean Lash So Clean Kit

Beauty So Clean SKU: 628548170025
Beauty So Clean Lash So Clean Kit

Beauty So Clean Lash So Clean Kit

Beauty So Clean SKU: 628548170025
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  • Cleans and conditions reusable false eyelashes
  • The Mist and Lash tool help remove old glue, residue and bacteria
  • Easy to use
  • Fast drying
  • Natural sales extension to false eyelashes

False Eyelash Cleaning Kit Instructions:

False Eyelash Cleaning Kit Instructions:
1. Remove the false eyelashes:
Soak a cotton swab in eye makeup remover. Gently rub the swab along the false eyelash band until the adhesive softens. Using clean fingers, pinch the outer corner of the lashes and slowly peel them off. Ensure to never use tweezers for this step, as this can damage the hairs of the lashes.

2. Place false eyelashes on a clean surface:
Any absorbent or easy-to-clean surface such as paper towel, an eyelash pan, or a cleaning palette can be used as a sanitary surface to clean your false eyelashes.

3. Spray Mist directly on the false eyelashes:
Aim the LashSoClean Mist bottle 4 inches (10 cm) away from the false eyelashes. Spray 1-3 times, until the entire false eyelash and band has been saturated.

4. Use lash tool to soften the adhesive:
While holding the false eyelash, use a lash tool to gently stroke along the false eyelash band. Repeat until the adhesive softens.

5. Remove residue:
Hold the false eyelash in one hand. Using tweezers, gently pull away any glue that is left over. Do not use your fingernails for this step, as you can easily rip off some eyelash hairs due to low precision.

6. Storing:
Place sanitized false eyelashes back in a storage case or the original eyelash pan, ready for the next application.</p>


Professional Artists (Canada) Inc. (t/a BeautySoClean®) is the pioneer and world industry leader in the cosmetic hygiene protocol category.

An innovation in the beauty industry, BeautySoClean® created the world’s first cosmetic sanitizing system, designed to prevent cosmetic cross-contamination without altering the makeup products. This is an entirely new class of products designed to clean, rejuvenate and remove bacteria and viruses directly from all your cosmetic products and brushes.

International Makeup Artist and Creator of BeautySoClean®, Nancy Crossley, has worked with celebrities, TV personalities, actors and sports stars for most of her life. Each time she prepared for a client, she worried about the cross-contamination from the makeup products she was using. After consulting with some of the world’s most talented and renowned makeup artists, Nancy saw it was clear that a professional product that sanitized makeup products without drying or altering the makeup was needed in the industry. Developed for hygiene protocol for professional makeup artists, consumer awareness and demand has now brought the product line to major cosmetic brands, department store cosmetic counters, spa, salon and consumer enthusiasts alike.

Based in Toronto, Canada, with warehouses worldwide, BeautySoClean produces the world’s leading Cosmetic Sanitizing range, with proprietary formulas that are proven to kill viruses and bacteria without compromising the color or drying out makeup. Founded over 10 years ago, the brand is already an industry-standard at cosmetic counters and in personal & professional makeup bags internationally.

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