Dracula House Fangs

Dracula House SKU: 741545102100
Dracula House Fangs

Dracula House Fangs

Dracula House SKU: 741545102100
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The Original Custom Designer® Dracula Fangs® are loved by party-goers and actors worldwide because of their natural look and secure fit that enables them to talk easily and naturally, as well as drink cold beverages!

Natural tooth color and superior product quality and finish make these the finest fangs available! Custom Designer Fangs can be worn many times without refills or adhesives.

Each set includes a package of non-toxic Alpha One™ Thermoplastic to create a custom Perfect Bite Fit. Available in 2 sizes

Full instructions are included with each pair of Dracula House Fangs.

1. Hold the fang up to your canine, trim or file the top edge of the fang if it goes above your gum line. Remember, a little at a time so you don't over do it
2. Place 1/2 of the thermoplastic granules onto a spoon
3. Gently dip the spoon into a mug full of boiling water. Hold the spoon under water under the crystals have dissolved and become clear
4. Take a kidney bean sized amount of the melted thermoplastic and roll into a ball
5. Please the thermoplastic onto the back cavity of the fang, and to one side of the fang - this will go over your pre-molars to help secure the fang in your mouth
6. Push the fang onto your canine, the thermoplastic will spread out over the sides, be sure to push this into place on the pre-molars so you get a firm hold once dry
7. Hold the fang in place until you can feel the thermoplastic hardening, but do not allow it to fully harden in your mouth
8. Once the thermoplastic is semi dry, remove fang from your mouth and allow it to fully set on the bench
9. Repeat the process for the 2nd fang or if you feel that the thermoplastic is not comfortable in your mouth.


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