Price Driscoll Ultralease EPX GP Epoxy Parfilm

Price Driscoll SKU: PDUEPXGP
Price Driscoll Ultralease EPX GP Epoxy Parfilm

Price Driscoll Ultralease EPX GP Epoxy Parfilm

Price Driscoll SKU: PDUEPXGP
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Ultralease EPX GP is a semi-permanent, solvent-based release agent formulated expressly for epoxy and thermoset resins and plastics. After application, Ultralease EPX rapidly dries at room temperature to a micro-thin and durable parting-film that will not transfer to product or inhibit post-mold painting or bonding. Repeated usage seals and protects mold without build-up.


Rapid air drying and curing at room temperature, can be further accelerated with heat

Heat stable to 600F / 315*C

Little or no interference with painting, coating or bonding

In most cases, a single application provides release through numerous molding cycles

Seals and protects mold and yields longer life

NO Chlorinated Solvents, NO Class I or Class II Ozone Depleting Substances


Recommended Materials - Epoxy resins, Epoxy molding compounds, phenolic resins, epoxy-based fiberglass and thermoset plastics. Thermosets: Alkyds (Polyester), Amino (Urea/Melamine), Epoxies, Phenolics, Polymides, Silicone

Recommended Processes - Blow molding, Compression molding, Injection molding, Rotational molding


Product previously known as -  Ultra 4 Epoxy Parfilm Mold Release



12oz / 340g

1. Cleaning - Clean mold surface thoroughly. Mechanical cleaning followed by chemical cleaning provides the best surface for application. Removal of all previous mold release agent is critical.

2. Application - Shake can lightly and hold approximately 6-8 inches away from mold. Apply a light coat of release agent. Thick films do not give good release and may even cause sticking. Difficult release may also result from uneven dispersion or failure to wet surfaces completely. This may be corrected by rubbing out the release material until a thin, dry film is obtained. After application, allow the mold surface to dry until completely free of diluent.

3. Cure - Ultralease EPX will dry and cure rapidly at room temperature. Although not essential, heating the mold for 5–10 minutes at 93–204°C (200–400°F) will speed this process, improving release and durability of the parting film.

4. Frequency of application- When release becomes hesitant, immediately reapply a single light coat. Spot touch-ups can be performed on high wear or difficult areas.Frequency of application for optimum release should be established by small-scale trial runs under actual operating conditions before use in operation.

5. Finishing - Ultralease EPX will not interfere with post-mold painting or bonding under most conditions. For optimum performance, components should be cleaned prior to subsequent coating or bonding applications. Typically, routine solvent cleaning of the surface is all that is required.


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