TFX Silicone

TFX Silicone

TFX Silicone

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A translucent condensation cure RTV silicone rubber suitable for creating SFX body parts, skins, props and replicating detailed surfaces.

Due to its soft shore 15A and low viscosity it is suitable for pouring and for use with highly undercut surfaces. Can be thinned further with silicone oil. It is recommended to vacuum degass before pouring. The cure time can also be excellerated by raising the temperature. 

Works very well for making Pros-Aide transfer/ Pro-Bondo molds as the surface has a natural release, so no need for release agents.

This is a mold making silicone and is not safe for use on skin or for contact with food. Primarily used for PU resins, waxes, plasters and cements.

 Can be coloured with silicone pigments. 


Technical specifications:

Colour: Translucent

Mixing Ratio: 2-5% catalyst by weight

Working Time: 30-50 min @25ºc

Cure time: 3-6 hours @25ºc 

Hardness: Shore 15A

Viscosity: +- 13000 cps

Elongation: >330%



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